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Top 10 skin care tips very useful for everyone

Skin care Tips

Skin is the very sensitive part of our body. It needs very attention and special care. People use very expensive products and serums to get a soft, smooth, and glowing skin. Healthy lifestyle and natural things are more advantageous than using synthesized products. Here are some very informative skin care tips.

  1. Do not wash your face with hot water

In winter, we use hot water to wash our face but it damages skin. The hot water can cause dry skin, acne, and visible pores. Our skin contains very small vessels and it is vulnerable to high temperature. Expert says hot water irritates your skin and puts you at the risk of having fine lines. Your skin gets dry and prone to acne. Wash your face before you go to bed.

Moreover, do not over-wash your face because it can be harmful to your skin.

  1. Drink water

Our blood contains the huge amount of water. Drinking water helps in digestion, absorption, and circulation. For healthy, younger-looking, and radiant skin, water plays a major role. Human skin comprises of cells and in case of not getting enough water; it gets dry and becomes prone to wrinkling. You need eight glasses a day to fulfill the need of water. After bathing, apply a hydrating moisturizer within 2 minutes. Drinking water is no 2 in skin care tips.

  1. Sleep Well

Poor sleep can increase the stress hormone that can lead to acne. Good night’s sleep will help you to get your skin clear and improve the skin health.

Not enough sleep can cause:

  • Weight gain
  • Increase aging process
  • Less beautiful skin
  • Skin related problems


Want to get a good night sleep:

  • Do not eat too much at night
  • Keep electronics things out of the bedroom
  • Drink lots of water
  • Sleep under a quiet room
  1. Exercise regularly

Your skin appearance gets improvement with regular exercise. During the workout, your heart rate and breathing increases. This process leads to carrying needed nutrients to the skin and make your skin glowing and healthy. Take a shower after physical exercise to remove dead skin cells and other toxins. 

  1. Sun protection and care

Sunlight facilitates our body to make Vitamin D that plays a very important role in bone formation. Some ultraviolet rays can be very harmful to skin cells. Even frequent exposure to ultraviolet rays for many years can cause cancer.

  1. Eat Healthy Food

Healthy food contains the supportive nutrients for our skin. Eating fruits and vegetables is very necessary to maintain good health.

  1. Use vegetable Oil for Skin

The vegetable oil suitable for your dry skin is good to use. It is very beneficial for dry skin. Almond, Olive, and Avocado oils are good for all types of skins.

  1. Eat Less salt and Sugar

Sugar and salt should be used in limited quantity. High blood sugar can cause many serious diseases. If you are a diabetic patient, you need to use less sugary food. Excessive use of salt can cause heart problems also. Skin uses the nutrients in salts but the excess of anything is bad. Sugar can become the reason to gain weight.

  1. Take Vitamins

Vitamins play very important role maintaining our body. Many foods provide you with the lots of Vitamins. Vegetables and fruits rich in antioxidants are the best sources of it.

  1. Do not Eat very Spicy Foods

Eating too many spicy foods creates heat in our body and our PH level gets disturbed. This process leads to create acne, wrinkles, and pimples. Our body hydration level also goes down.

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