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Lionel Messi biography facts and fc barcelona


Lionel Andres Messi Cuccittini, known as Lionel Messi or simply “Lio”, is an Argentine footballer who was born in Rosario, Santa Fe province, on June 24, 1987, and acts as a forward or extreme right. Lionel Messi biography is explained below. She comes from a family of scarce economic resources, formed by her father Jorge Horacio Messi, a factory worker, and her mother, Celia María Cuccittini, who works in various trades. His maternal grandmother Celia Olivera was the one who encouraged him and motivated him to take football as a professional career, that’s why in 1992 when he was 5 years old he started his training as a soccer player in the club.

Standard bearer Grandoli, who was one of Rosario’s formative teams. In the year 1994, Lionel Messi started his way through the lower divisions by Newell’s Old Boys where he began to show his skill with the ball and obtain several national titles. At the age of 11, the player received a not very pleasant news, since he was diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency, which made him unattractive to the important football clubs despite the great talent he had, However, this was not an impediment for Messi to continue with his aspirations to be a professional footballer.

Lionel Messi biography 

His aspirations to achieve his goals, took him to Buenos Aires in August 2000 to test in the lower divisions of Club Atlético River Plate, where he was asked by coach Federico Vairo who saw his great talent, however, days later the player was left waiting for the start date in the club, because his contract never materialized because he did not reach an economic agreement with his parents to treat his growth problem. On September 17 of that same year, he traveled with his father to Barcelona with a view to seeking a better football future and being able to try out some clubs in the City, including Barcelona FC.

The day after his arrival in Barcelona, he was scheduled to perform a training with the children’s category of the Blaugrana team, this practice was not given by the absence of Rexach in charge of the team’s quarry at that time. Weeks later Lionel Messi had the opportunity to carry out his first tests with the Infantile A category of Barcelona FC, since the base football department of the team called him for a friendly match for the player to try on;Lionel Messi biography This was a successful start since he could score 6 goals and take the reins of his team, so much was the talent shown, that to balance the game Lionel was changed from team to the second half. Lionel Messi biography

Lionel Messi Signing with Barcelona

On December 14, 2000, in a meeting with his parents, Horacio Gaggioli (Representative of Messi at that time) and Rexach the signing of Messi to the quarry of Barcelona was finalized. In his beginnings in Masía, Messi teamed with Gerard Piqué and Cesc Fábregas and was directed by Tito Vilanova. Lionel Messi biography His debut in an official match with children’s category B occurred on March 7, 2001, against Amposta, it was a dream debut as he scored a goal for his team’s victory. In the next match, the fibula fractured after a kick from a rival player; This injury caused Messi to miss all the rest of the season. Lionel Messi biography

At the end of the year 2001, at the beginning of a new season, Lionel Messi was promoted to the children’s category A of Barcelona, where he was famous for scoring 21 goals in 14 games. The excellent results that showed the player allowed him to ascend in 2002 to the cadet A category, where he got all the titles of the tournaments that the team played. Lionel Messi biography For the 2003-2004 season, he had a small step in the youth category B where his skills with the ball led him to move immediately to Team C of Barcelona, where he debuted on November 29, 2003, in the tournament of the third division of Spain. Messi’s footballing growth was accelerated, so it did not last long in the lower categories. His move to Barcelona B took place on March 6, 2004, where he was sometimes called to the professional team to train and play some exhibition games. Lionel Messi biography

Lionel Messi Debute with team of Barcelona

Lionel Messi debuted with the Professional team of Barcelona on November 16, 2003, in a friendly match against Porto de Portugal, the player still played in lower categories, however, was called for this type of game with the professional team. For the 2004-2005 season, Lionel made the pre-season with the professional team of Barcelona, where he participated in 3 games played at the Camp Nou and scored a goal. Lionel Messi biography contains all about the Messi life background.

His debut in an official match occurred on October 16, 2004, when he was 17 years old, technical director Frank Rijkaard was the one who gave him the opportunity in the game against Espanyol for the Spanish league. His first official goal with Barcelona came on May 1, 2005, in the game corresponding to date 34 against Albacete. Lionel Messi biography is interesting. It was the debut dreamed of in the first team, as Barcelona became league champion in that season, after five seasons without any title for the club.

The 2005-2006 season began full of success for the player, as he managed to be champion of the super-cup of Spain on August 13, 2005. In that year the Catalan Club renewed Messi’s contract until 2014 and improved his salary as a reward for the excellent performance that the player had in the main squad; Lionel Messi biography Due to this, Lionel saw his future possibilities in the club safe, so on September 26 of that same year he received Spanish nationality.

In the middle of November, the first classic came for Lionel Messi against Real Madrid, the match was won by Barcelona 3-0 and the player gave an assist. In the month of December, he won the Golden Boy Award, the best youth player in Europe, after beating Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney. In the course of the 2005-2006 season, Messi suffered an injury that marginalized him from the team until the end of it until there had scored 7 goals in 18 games including league and league champions. After the end of the season, the player won two more titles with the Barcelona FC jersey as the team won the Spanish league and the league of champions. It was a quick overview of Lionel Messi biography.

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