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Why is Diabetes type 1 very Dangerous


Diabetes is a fast growing hazardous disease. According to a recent report by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 100 Million U.S. adults are living with diabetes or pre-diabetes. Diabetes is categorized in diabetes type 1 and diabetes type 2. High blood sugar is the major cause of it. Article is all about type 1.

What is diabetes type 1?

Type 1 diabetes is insulin-dependent diabetes (juvenile diabetes) in which our body stops making insulin that increases blood sugar level. Most often, children and teenagers are the victims of it but it can develop at any age.

  • What is diabetes type 2 ?.

Beta cells in our pancreas are the source of making insulin. It happens type 1 diabetes when our immune system destroys these cells and scientists are still not aware of why it happens. Any disease or the injury can be the reason to wipe out the beta cells; consequently, you get diabetes type 1. A complete diagnosis is held when blood glucose is greater than 125 during fasting or greater than 200 randomly.

What is the role of Insulin?

Our body cells use sugar or glucose as a fuel and insulin is a hormone that helps move sugar into our body. In diabetes type 1, there is not enough insulin for the movement of sugar. As a result, more and more glucose or sugar builds up in the blood and raises the sugar level in your blood. A c-peptide test determines how much insulin the pancreas is producing.

Type 1 diabetes “A Genetic Disease”

Diabetes type 1 is strongly linked to genetics and family history. There is a high risk in first-degree relatives but keep in your mind that the gene expression changes in response to the nutritional environment. Therefore, you can address the risk factor to healthcare professional with the sound knowledge about epigenetics.

What are the symptoms and signs?

If you want to get the diagnosis of diabetes, your doctor will check the blood sugar level and he may test your urine. Right now, there is no way to prevent this disease. Sometimes, people have no symptoms until lab test are run. Here are some early signs and symptoms.

  • Weight loss unexpectedly
  • Belly pain
  • Heavy Thrust
  • Frequent urination with an unusual order
  • Blurred vision and hair loss
  • Increased hunger, even after eating meal
  • Fruity smell during breath
  • Fatigue and diarrhea

Type 1 diabetes during pregnancy


For a pregnant woman carrying diabetes type 1, needs more care to maintain the blood sugar level.  In high blood sugar, it is life-threatening for mother and baby and chances of having pre-eclampsia and having the baby too early. Stay active and eat a low glycemic load diet.


Until now, there is no proper cure for diabetes type 1. Providing insulin through injection is a way to cope with it. Some diet changes are very necessary. Use lots of vegetables and healthy proteins like beans, fish, and chicken.  Controlling your blood sugar is mandatory.


As your blood sugar level increases, it creates many complications.

  • Eye damage
  • Kidney damage
  • Nerves and Foot damage
  • Increased risk of heart and blood vessels diseases
  • Yeast infections and sexual problems

How to live with Diabetes type 1

Here are some very helpful tips for you to live a happy life.

  • Always eat healthy and balanced diet
  • Maintain your wait
  • Stop smoking and drinking Alcohol
  • Take exercise daily

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